At the beginning of the

At the beginning of theAt the beginning of the disease the animal is placed on a board from boards — a springboard from which backs up front by 20-30 cm, which will loosen the intraperitoneal pressure . Precipitated the vagina and uterus washed with warm soapy water , then irrigate mucous furatsilina solution , potassium permanganate 1:5000 or other antiseptics , then applied a 10% ihtiolovye ointment or other anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ointment. Then gently reduce a fist in the vagina and pelvic cavity fix it operational way. Sutures are removed after 2-3 weeks . Vulvar vestibulitis , vaginitis Postpartum genital diseases in females caused by injuries, the introduction of the birth canal and uterine cavity substances irritate the mucous membranes , and the entry of infection with hands and tools. These include inflammation of the vulva — the vulva, inflammation of the vestibule — vestibulitis inflammation of the vagina — vaginitis. In young females breeding age vaginopathy mass celebrated at freestyle copulation in violation of veterinary rules . Sick animal stands , arching his back , worried . Noted frequent urination and defecation with groans .

External genitals are swollen and very painful on palpation . Genital released liquid , turbid , yellowish — pink exudate with an unpleasant odor . Animal often wags its tail ( float ) . Tail and the skin of the labia majora must wash solutions and disinfectants binders — potassium permanganate 1: 0000 , 1:5000 furatsilina 3-5 % strength ihtiola etc.

At the beginning of the

Irrigation is necessary to alternate with the introduction of antimicrobial emulsions and ointments ( sintomitsina liniment 5% suspension was furazolidone , etc.).

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